VESTASAN Hydrogel Dressing

VESTA Hydrogel


  • VESTA is a special Hydrogel for the emergency care of burns caused by fire, heat, steam, chemicals, electricity, gas and over-exposure to the sun.
  • VESTA is a natural product consisting of water and gelling agent. Depending on the extent of the injury VESTA is used in the form of pure Hydrogel or as a bandage soaked in Hydrogel.
  • VESTA has the astonishing ability to absorb heat physically and effectively and in this way provides relief.
  • VESTA cools the injured area instantly and keeps it permanently cool. If applied immediately the burning process is stopped and the extent of skin and tissue injury is reduced. On the one hand Hydrogel protects from contaminaton due to the environment, and therefore against infection. On the other hand the loss of body fluid is prevented.
  • VESTA is neither irritant nor greasy and non-adherent so that it can be treated by a doctor without painful cleansing.
  • VESTA is easy to apply. In the case of burns the VESTA dressing is placed on the wound or the pure Hydrogel is spread generously on the injured area.